Visiting Tofino with Your Dog

Heading to the coast of Vancouver Island, but not sure about bringing your dog along for the ride? You’re in luck. Tofino might be one of the most dog-friendly locations to be found. From endless outdoor activities, to pet-friendly accommodation just about everywhere, dog lovers and fur baby travelers are in good company. Still not convinced? Check out this list of helpful tips, things to do with your dog and places to stay.


Photo by: Corinne McConchie

Photo by: Corinne McConchie


The first step to any good vacation is finding a place to stay. Luckily, plenty of accommodation in Tofino recognize the desire to have your four-legged pal join in on the vacation fun. In fact, most provide pet towels, extra treats and other perks just for your dog. Just prepare to comply to the extra rules that go along with having a pet friendly suite and, if you have a larger breed, check to make sure big dogs are as welcome as little dogs.

Here are some of the places that have pet-friendly accommodation in Tofino:

Crystal Cove Beach Resort
Ocean Village Resort
Long Beach Lodge Resort
Wickaninnish Inn

It’s important to recognize that every hotel will likely have a different pet policy in place. There’s also typically an extra charge, so be prepared for spend a bit extra per night for your pup.


Top Things to Do with your Dog


So many world class beaches reside on the shores of Tofino, and they are an absolute paradise for dogs of any kind. Spend the day digging, playing in the waves, racing along the endless sand, fetching toys and whatever else a dog does in the sand and ocean. Prepare for an exhausted, happy dog at the end of the day.

Check out more of the beaches on our beaches page.

Hiking Trails

Plenty of trails exist nearby, or just outside Tofino that are tons of fun for you and your dog. In fact, there are enough trails that even the largest of dogs will be tuckered out by the end of the day. From view-point summits and rainforest paths, to the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet, there are selections to suit any dog and dog owner combination who arrives in Tofino.

Find all the Tofino hiking trails on our hiking page.

Make New Friends

Being such a pet-friendly destination, you can expect to run into plenty of other puppies, whether local, or on vacation. On the trail, at the beach, in the park – there are so many spots to set up a puppy play date, or run into new friends. Making new friends is a great part of any vacation, even for your dog.

Kennedy Lake

Is your dog more of a freshwater type? Kennedy Lake, about forty minutes outside of Tofino, is the perfect destination then! With a few provincial day-use areas and some more, off the road spots for some off-leash fun, your dog can get in the water without all the salt and sand clean up afterwards.


Ucluelet, just thirty minutes south of Tofino, is as dog-friendly as they get. Not to mention it has the only pet supply store for the two towns within its boundaries. Check out the Wild Pacific Trail, hike Mount Ozzard, spend some time at Big or Little Beach and pick up a treat or two at Ocean Pet Supplies. It’s a doggy destination worth the day trip.


Photo by: Alex

Photo by: Alex

For Places your Dog Can’t Come

Unfortunately, there are some adventures the dogs can’t join in on, but that are top things to do in Tofino. Take whale watching for example! It’s just not realistic to pop the pup into a lifejacket and bring her along on the zodiac. Here are a few options for when you want to embark on your own adventures.

Traveling Paws
Jamie’s Whaling Station – Ask them about their complimentary dog kennels for your adventure
Ucluelet Dog Services


Tips and Things to Know

  • Leash Up

-Areas within the Pacific Rim Provincial Park will require your dog to be on a leash.

  • Wild Animal Awareness

-Check out recent sightings and warnings – bears, cougars and wolves have been a problem for dogs in the past and knowing what to do if you have an encounter and where you shouldn’t be is crucial for dog safety.

  • Don’t Leave your Dog Unattended

-See above.

  • Vet Clinics

-The closest vet clinic is in Port Alberni, an hour’s drive away.

  • Bring Towels.

-Mud, Rain, Sand, Ocean…

  • Expect Other Dogs

-Locals and vacationers are likely to have their furry friends with them. If your dog has a hard time meeting others, be sure to keep it on a leash.

  • Be Aware of Pet Policies

-Check out policies for where you’re staying, if you’re renting a car, or taking a ferry.

  • Beach Hose-Off Stations are Crucial

-Then you just need to worry about drying them off, rather than de-sanding back at the hotel.


Tofino and its neighbor Ucluelet are great dog-friendly vacation spots, so there’s no need for your four-legged fur baby to feel left out. Unless, of course, you’re hoping for a vacation from them, too!