Backpacking Tofino

The allure of backpacking is perhaps best exemplified in the simplicity and joy of self-sufficiency. There’s something about heading into the wilderness down a rugged path or open trail knowing that the only thing that you have to survive is packed in a bag, resting upon your back full of what you deem to be the “essentials” that is truly exhilarating and liberating. Knowing that you will be sustained only by your life skills and ability to enjoy the simpler things of life that backpacking brings is freeing and anyone who knows about backpacking knows that it is all about preparation and the beauty of the trek and adventure.
Backpacking in Tofino is one of the most beautiful places on earth to view many of nature’s favorite sights. Beaches, mountains and old, rugged growth forests comprise much of British Columbia with Vancouver Island really leading the way for the best views. With stunning ocean panoramic views from atop rugged mountains and rigorous trails through old, lush green forests with massive trees, giant ferns and wildlife from bears to whales and eagles to salmon Vancouver Island is a sublime place for backpacking.
Tofino has long been known as a great place day-trippers traveling from Washington state and it is a popular destination amongst outdoor enthusiasts who want to make the most of their outdoor journey. Tofino offers much of the greatness of British Columbia beauty with a true west coast feel that makes it alluring and captivating for so many. Backpackers are no exception to the lure and vibes that the town of Tofino in all its nature has to offer and can stay at hostels here very inexpensively.

Backpacking in and around Tofino bears no exception to the rules in bringing along the basic essentials that any wise, minimalist would carry from water to first aid kits, firestarters to extra food. If backpacking in the summer in Tofino, good sunglasses and sunscreen are highly recommended as well as good hiking boots and wool socks to keep your feet warm and also to protect them from blisters. A map of the area is also essential along with a compass and be sure to let someone know where and when you will be heading out in case anything should happen during your trek.
Tofino has many different trails to hike and enjoy and many of them lead to breathtaking views of beaches set out along the rugged, shoreline of BC’s west coast surrounded by jagged rock faces, giant, ancient trees and awe-inspiring views of vast, open sky. The views atop the mountains are no less grandeur and will make the trek up and around the mountain sides worth every step. Many enjoy hiking along the extensive beaches found along Tofino shores as they are full of intertidal and aquatic sea life and some nature’s finest jungle gyms made up of the biggest pieces of driftwood you are likely to ever see along with magnificent views of ocean and sky.
After a long day of hiking, relaxing by a campfire at your campsite or on a secluded beach is most enjoyable and Tofino offers great locations to relax all around the town. In the summer, the sunsets occur later than usual making for the perfect ending to any day of hiking. Listen to waves roll in and out coupled with the sound of a crackling fire in perfect harmony with a view of open skies as you watch the sun set down beyond the vast horizon making way for countless stars to light up the night sky.
Tofino is a backpacker’s paradise. The diverse wildlife of native animals such as whales, black bears, bald eagles and hundreds of other bird species are reason enough for many to backpack this beautiful BC town. Add to it trails ranging from mountain, forest and beach giving way to breathtaking views of ocean, rock and trees at practically every turn while being surrounded in some of the most well-kept, seemingly untouched nature exuding peaceful, tranquil vibes and you have Tofino becoming a favorite destination for any first-time backpacker. There are plenty of accommodations for backpackers as well with many hostels and campgrounds available year-round in and around Tofino. Make your next backpacking journey memorable, adventurous and one of the most tranquil experiences that you may ever incur.