Visiting Tofino Twice

We’ve visited twice, in 2005 and 2007. It has been too long now since we’ve been back; we need to plan another trip! In 2005, we stayed in Tofino, at Chelsea’s Bed and Breakfast. In 2007, we rented the main floor of Nalu House, on south Chesterman Beach. We loved exploring tidepools, with the hermit crabs crawling about and the little Sculpins swimming in them. One morning, we got up at 4 am, for the lowest tide, and were able to circle around the point of rocks at the south end of Chesterman Beach. On the other side, we encountered a 21-arm Sunflower Sea Star and explored a small cave. One of our favorite stops was the Common Loaf bakery. We had picked up some fruit and cheese at the grocery store, and would drop into the Common Loaf every morning for fresh bread to take with us for a picnic lunch. We also loved being able to pick up fresh seafood at Trilogy Fish Store and putting it on the grill at Nalu House for our evening meal. We hiked the trails in Pacific Rim and the Wild Pacific Trail down in Ucluelet. One of our most interesting moments was meeting a black bear while hiking the Bog Trail in Pacific Rim one evening. Of course, he ran one way while we went the other direction.

– Sam Wilson