Tofino Beaches Rank top in Canada

Tofino located on Vancouver Island has some of the greatest beaches in Canada (Best Beaches in Canada” Travellers’ Choice 2011 rankings) and one of the top beaches in the world ( according to recent reviews from TripAdvisor. Many of the beaches of Tofino are remote and secluded, hidden in coves surrounded by ancient rainforests and rugged rock faces making them incredibly peaceful and unfathomably scenic. Other beaches in Tofino are more open yet equally as stunning with breathtaking views of ocean and sky especially during sunrises and sunsets and offer an array of activities that are ideal for surfers, families and long walks for romantics.

            More and more people are starting to head north along North America’s west coast to head to Tofino for the summer months to enjoy their summer vacations. Tofino is a day trip for many who live in Washington and is easily worth the trek when considering the nature, beauty, diverse wildlife and view of all of them from gorgeous white sandy shores of a Tofino beach.

            Surfing in Tofino gained popularity in the 80’s and is now home to local pros who have grown up in this ever-growing surf town. Chesterman Beach and Cox Bay are popular year-round surfing destinations due to the consistency of the swells that come in caused by the shape of the coast surrounding these beaches creating great waves. Beachcombing, kayaking, bocce ball and other ball sports are commonly enjoyed on Tofino baeches as well because many of the shores offer hard as well as soft sand perfect for all activities.

            Although the beaches have much to offer in the realm of activities, they are seldom ever crowded. It is common to see surfers as well as individuals relaxing on the same beach because most of the shores are open offering plenty of space for everyone. Families with small children running around and exploring will often be able to share the same beach as romantics seeking peace and quiet. The tranquility of Tofino beaches are surreal as you enjoy the many views of forest, rock, water and sky set in a place with a true west coast vibe of relaxation and hospitality.

            Exploration along the shores of Tofino is a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. Kids of every age and size enjoy climbing on Mother Nature’s jungle gyms made up of large pieces of driftwood and debris strewn about many of the shores. Tidepools and  small islands off of the coast are always intriguing to explore especially at low tide when they are more easily accessible. The intertidal sea life of the caverns is always fun to check out and explore with many shells, sand dollars and starfish often turning up in them.

            The wildlife seen from and on the shores of the beaches of Tofino arrives from the land, air and sea. Tofino is notorious for bird watching year-round with over a hundred different species making their way to Tofino year after year. Many bald eagles make their nests atop giant cedars and sitkas located near the shores and can easily be spotted by beachgoers. Whales, otters and sea lions can often be spotted off shore while black bears are sometimes seen grazing on shore searching for crustaceans and other forms of sea life to snack on. Photographers are drawn to Tofino shores because they know that they will not only catch astonishing views of nature, but will likely catch some shots of wildlife in the most beautiful of scenes that will add that much more beauty to the already glorious photo.

Tofino has setup many of their beaches to be reached by passing through ancient forest trails that lead through streams, giant cedars and an impressive repertoire of botanical life. The journey to and from the beaches is often enhanced by these trails leading up to an even more dynamic, awe-inspiring encounter of nature once arriving to the stunning splendor and views that the beaches have to offer.

Tofino is known for being a fun, energetic outdoor town with a calm, peaceful feel and no place better illustrates this than the tranquil beaches. Astonishing views surrounded by nature create an unparalleled harmony for the body, soul and mind that truly refreshes and rejuvenates people when they visit Tofino. The natural aspects of this town and its beaches combine to create a fantastic, all-around great experience for people worldwide making Tofino an ever growing attraction to BC, Canada.