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Heading to Tofino? Read this First!

Travel to Tofino is about to become a little more challenging than just the long twisting road between Port Alberni and the coast. For the next two years, the Kennedy Hill section of Highway 4 will be undergoing major changes (scheduled to be completed by 2020) including a pull-out area and widening of the road. […]

Fishing Charters Must Do

The best time to fish is now! For those that are considering fishing on your trip to Tofino, you really should consider coming on a fishing trip. 2016 should be a banner year for catching salmon on the west coast. For those coming early season you likely won’t have to go far whether fishing out […]

Kayak Surfing

Kayak surfing has been growing in popularity in the world of water sports over the past few years and we think you should join a few others and try it in Tofino. This rapidly growing water sport has all of the similar dynamics of traditional board surfing, only instead of riding the waves on a […]

Backpacking Tofino

The allure of backpacking is perhaps best exemplified in the simplicity and joy of self-sufficiency. There’s something about heading into the wilderness down a rugged path or open trail knowing that the only thing that you have to survive is packed in a bag, resting upon your back full of what you deem to be […]

Whale Watching Worth Doing in Tofino

Whale watching in Tofino is one of the most original, popular activities in Tofino and is known for drawing in a lot of tourists and visitors to the area over the years. There are many whale watching tours available in Tofino and on most of them you will not only come up close to humpback […]

Tofino Winter Storm Watching is Worth the Trip!

           Ever climbing up the charts of things to do in Tofino is storm watching. Over the past few years people from all over the world have been voyaging to Tofino to watch some of Mother Nature’s most violent storms crash against the vast, rugged coastline of Vancouver Island. Storm season in […]

Bird Watchers Finding Tofino

 Bird watching in Tofino is climbing up the charts of things to do when visiting Tofino. With over a hundred different species of forest, shore and sea birds migrating to as well as residing in Tofino it is no wonder that people come birding year-round. Bald eagles, steller jays, great blue herons and rufous hummingbirds are […]

Tofino Beaches Rank top in Canada

Tofino located on Vancouver Island has some of the greatest beaches in Canada (Best Beaches in Canada” Travellers’ Choice 2011 rankings) and one of the top beaches in the world (http://www.tripadvisor.ca/TravelersChoice-Beaches-cTop-g1) according to recent reviews from TripAdvisor. Many of the beaches of Tofino are remote and secluded, hidden in coves surrounded by ancient rainforests and rugged rock […]

Tofino is a Bird Watching Paradise

            Bird watching is all about habitat and Tofino just happens to offer world class birding habitats. Tofino provides a great variety of bird species in the realms of sea, shore and forest with migrant breeding residents and migrant residents alike sharing the small, yet ideal habitats that are home […]

Tofino Beach Combing is a Great Family Activity

 It is no secret that Tofino’s spacious shores are full of treasures from the edge of the water to the edge of the surrounding forests and cliff faces. Beach combing is popular in the summer months with various tidepools and remote islands often being explored during low tide for trinkets, crustaceans and other types of […]