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Tofino Brewing Company

What started out from humble beginnings has become one of the top stops for tourists and locals alike in the humble surf town of Tofino. In fact, even people as far as Kelowna and Fort St. John have likely heard the name, or would recognize the iconic logo of Tofino Brewing Company.   The three […]

Pacific Ocean Fun Facts

With 71% of planet Earth covered in water including lakes, rivers and oceans, you’re bound to run into a coastline eventually. Lucky for us, of the five oceans in the world (the Southern being the latest as of 2000), Tofino and Vancouver Island sit within the waters of the Pacific. So, what do you know […]

Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

From 1990-1999, a small group of people dedicated themselves to the figuring out how to protect the invaluable Clayoquot Sound region. Looking at the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve program, they decided it was the best move to begin to help sustain the environment and ecosystems. When the official nomination was made in 1999, that small group […]

Tofino with Kids

To many, Tofino appears to be a destination for the young and restless: Camping, surfing, beach days and the rustic outdoors. Either that, or it’s for the old(er) and rich(er) with luxury resorts, spas and relaxing coastal retreats. Surprisingly though, there’s room in Tofino even for those families with children of any age. So, pack […]

Tofino’s Favourite Beach

Listening to someone say the word, “Tofino,” immediately creates images of unbroken stretches of soft sand, crashing waves and the bobbing heads of surfers in the line-up for their perfect wave. With several choices, each seemingly better than the next, it’s hard to imagine that a single beach could take the title of “Tofino’s Favourite […]

5 Hikes Near Tofino You Need to Check Out

A visit to Tofino is usually all about the beaches. However, the forests and mountains in the area provide plenty of alternative outdoor activities. Here are 5 hikes within reach from Tofino for when you need a break from digging sand out of… wherever.   Wild Pacific Trail: The Wild Pacific Trail is the pride […]

The Pacific Rim Whale Festival

March of 2017 brings with it the 31st annual Pacific Rim Whale Festival from the 11th-24th. So, what’s the cause for celebration? The festival takes place as over 20,000 Gray Whales swim by the western coast of Vancouver Island in what is the longest marine mammal migration in the world! They cover nearly 20,000km between […]

Tofino Date Ideas

We’ve all heard it before: Hi, I’m [—] I enjoy fine wine and long walks on the beach. There’s no denying it though: A walk on the beach might just be the epitome of romantic and Tofino definitely makes the list of romantic walkable beach spots. There’s a reason it’s still number one on the […]

Tofino is Only the Beginning

Tofino itself is not just a destination or end point of a journey. For me, it has also always been a place of departure and beginning; a place where adventure beckons from the ocean, mountains, forests and beaches. From the moment I moved to the Island and first experienced life on the true west coast of […]