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Tofino Art Galleries

Although Tofino draws a lot of surfers and adventurers, the small town also has more than its fair share of talented artists. From glass blowing to land paintings and traditional First Nations carvings, there is no shortage of delightful displays to stumble upon during your visit. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to […]

Summertime in Tofino

Summer is singing its sweet song on the West Coast at last. Besides longer days, calmer surf (see Winter Storm Watching), and less rain, there is a surge of fresh new activities that locals and visitors alike can finally jump into.   The Tofino Public Market Starting May Long Weekend all the way until October […]

Surfing Season

With the anticipated Rip Curl Pro having come and gone to the shores of Cox Bay, locals are almost always left wanting more. Luckily, Tofino will always have more to surfing competitions to offer. From May 12-14th hundreds of locals lined the beach to watch one of Tofino’s favourite surf competitions of the year – […]

Tofino’s Favourite Festivals

There always seems to be something going on in Tofino. Whether it’s a surf competition, an art festival, a cultural event or something revolving around food, visitors and locals alike will be flocking to the scene. Read on to discover some of the best festivals in town!   Tofino Film Festival When: February Where: Tofino […]

Tofino Tide Pool Creatures

As the moon pulls the ocean away from the shore, certain rock features hold on to what they can of the receding water. What’s left collects into tide pools, creating safe and salty homes for numerous creatures. It also creates intriguing little windows into the underwater world for those enamored by tide pooling, a familiar […]

Things to do in Tofino besides Surfing and Beaches

Let’s face it – Tofino is most notorious for its title of Surf Capital of Canada. It also boasts being home to what stole first place in the U.K. Guardian’s category for World’s Best Wild and Remote Beaches. This means that those who dread beach-bum days might not even give Tofino a second glance. However, […]

Tofino Brewing Company

What started out from humble beginnings has become one of the top stops for tourists and locals alike in the humble surf town of Tofino. In fact, even people as far as Kelowna and Fort St. John have likely heard the name, or would recognize the iconic logo of Tofino Brewing Company.   The three […]

Pacific Ocean Fun Facts

With 71% of planet Earth covered in water including lakes, rivers and oceans, you’re bound to run into a coastline eventually. Lucky for us, of the five oceans in the world (the Southern being the latest as of 2000), Tofino and Vancouver Island sit within the waters of the Pacific. So, what do you know […]

Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

From 1990-1999, a small group of people dedicated themselves to the figuring out how to protect the invaluable Clayoquot Sound region. Looking at the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve program, they decided it was the best move to begin to help sustain the environment and ecosystems. When the official nomination was made in 1999, that small group […]

Tofino with Kids

To many, Tofino appears to be a destination for the young and restless: Camping, surfing, beach days and the rustic outdoors. Either that, or it’s for the old(er) and rich(er) with luxury resorts, spas and relaxing coastal retreats. Surprisingly though, there’s room in Tofino even for those families with children of any age. So, pack […]